Sandy Tharp  - Thee

Photo by Jeanne Devlin

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Cherokee Children’s Author

About the Author

Sandy Tharp-Thee is the granddaughter of sharecroppers and survivors of

the Cherokee Trail of Tears, elders who taught her parents who taught her

to be strong, to give, and to laugh.

As a tribal librarian, she was named a White House Champion of Change in 2013 for her work in advancing print and digital literacy among the young and old and helping to preserve tribal culture and history.

Now working on her master’s at the University of Oklahoma, she is the

wife of a man who married her despite the magnet on the refrigerator

that reads, “I kiss better than I cook,” and the mother of a son, who still

helps her collect autumn leaves and listens to her stories and songs.

An enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, Sandy makes her home in

central Oklahoma.  The Apple Tree is her first book; it was inspired

by her son’s love for nature, especially plants and seeds. The book is

a 2016 Oklahoma Book Award finalist.