Cherokee Children’s Author

Hardcover Picture Book | $17.95 U.S.

ISBN: 978-1-937054-03-8

Story told in English and Cherokee, with

Cherokee syllabary

Told in English with Cherokee Translation

A little boy plants an apple seed, already envisioning the big apple tree it will someday be.  But when its  first fall comes and goes, and apples fail to appear on its branches the little tree begins to doubt its calling. 

How can the little boy find the encouragement needed to convince the young tree to give the seasons and years the time to work their magic? 

A debut book by Cherokee author Sandy Tharp -Thee told in English with Cherokee translation. The book includes a Cherokee syllabary, with illustrations by Oklahoma artist Marlena Campbell Hodson.

Sandy Tharp  - Thee

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The Apple Tree  — A Modern-Day Cherokee Tale

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The Apple Tree, a 2016 Oklahoma Book Award finalist